Men’s & Women’s Jewelry Advice – Engagements!

Couples looking to make a lifelong commitment to one another will need to find the right engagement rings to symbolize their future union and love for one another. When groom goes to look for the perfect piece to present to the love of his life, he should do his research before he sets off for the store or makes an online purchase.


Shane Co. offers breathtakingly beautiful rings for any bride’s taste and style, so the groom will have his pick of engagement rings that are sure to please. The groom should have a solid idea of what type of ring his future fiancee will appreciate. Whether she has an eye for the modern simplicity of band and a small and subtle diamond, something much more grand or something with a more antique feel to it, Shane Co. has something to please everyone. Customers will enjoy the peace of having a lifetime warranty on their engagement rings at Shane Co., as well as direct diamond importer prices and upgrading a diamond for a reasonable price.


Some of the upgrades available include re-sizing, replacing the center diamond, re-tipping and repairing prongs that hold diamonds in place, soldering the ring and band, shank repair and more. With an extensive collection of engagement rings available, Shane Co. offers the customer plenty of choices and a unique experience with a family business with more than 40 years in the jewelry business. Customers can trust the professional staff in making one of their biggest choices.

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