Men’s & Women’s Fashion Trends – 2013 San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-Con, which began as a comic book convention in 1970 and was founded by a group of men from San Diego, has blossomed into a four day event that includes Sci-Fi film/television, horror, video games, and fantasy novels, as well as printed/digital comic books.  It is a place where exhibitors, celebrities, and the general public can step into their favorite fantasy role.  Aside from the sea of intricate and outrageous costumes that you will see at Comic-Con San Diego, there is also some interesting Red Carpet fashion.


To start off, is the trio from “The Hunger Games”:  Josh Hutcherson, Jenifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth.  Josh, on the far left, is sporting a traditional grey three piece suit with a pinstriped dress shirt and black/grey striped tie.  Even though he is well dressed, it is a little boring with nothing that makes him stand out.  Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in this gold lame, cut-out evening gown that is a great fit for her curvy figure – not like the Catmini designer dresses or the Monnalisa Dresses at Strawberry that you might have seen on the convention floor in various states of undress.  On Jennifer’s other side is Liam Hemsworth, who in complete contrast to Josh, looks like he jumped out of the pages of GQ Magazine.  His classic black suit with narrow lapels, skinny tie, and crisp white dress shirt with white pocket square is simple, but elegant.  Liam chose an outstanding look for this event.


Next are two “seasoned” action movie favorites:  Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzennagger, who are making their way down the Red Carpet for the screening of their new movie “Escape”.  Sly chose a more casual style with his black silk-looking button-down that has contrast stitching around the pockets, placket, and shoulder lines to give it more definition and interest.  He accompanied it with a pair of jeans, which have become a universally accepted trouser for many occasions.  Sly’s partner in crime, Arnold, went in the total opposite direction with his stark white suit and button-down.  I’m not quite sure if he was going for the “Hip Hop” or European look, but he kind of looks more like the “Good Humor Man”.  Sorry Arnold, this one is not for you!

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