Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – Hitting the Golf Course

We see fashion trends everywhere; whether it’s a play date or the red carpet. There are ins and outs every season. Who knew the same was true for the game of golf. That’s right ladies and gents I’ve got the latest fashion trends for those of you hitting the greens this summer.


Ladies: Be sure to include a wide selection of retro prints ranging in colors from soft pinks, navy, grays and traditional white and black. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go bold. There are a variety of trendy, sporty, and functional threads out there for you ladies. There is no reason to think that traditional is the best way to go. Who says head turning is a bad thing?

vneck pullor merino hugo

Guys: for some reason men seem to think that the rules of fashion get put on hold when you set foot on the golf course. Let me introduce you to a new rule, if you wouldn’t wear it of the course don’t wear it on it. Self collared (meaning it’s the same fabric as a tee shirt.) polos are all the rage this season. Slim chinos by Paul Smith are the khakis of choice this season. The v-neck merino wool sweater by Hugo Boss also a winner for 2013. Avoid those clucky golf spikes; almost every brand now has golf shoes with the same traction and stability but with more comfort and style of a sneaker. Protip: Find Golf Clothing for Men here.

And for both: Don’t be afraid to rock the hats out there. Straw panama hats, bucket hats and caps are all a go for the course. Now that you know, you don’t have to be an embarrassment to yourself on the course. Go rock your new look!

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