Men’s Undergarment Advice – The Difference That Good Quality Makes

People may not think that undergarments are as important as the rest of your wardrobe, but they are actually the foundation upon which you build your look. That is why they think that it is ok to go “cheap” when you are choosing undershirts, underwear, and clothing that won’t necessarily be seen, but actually there are reasons to go for quality when it comes to your undergarments.

hanes boxer briefs 4 pack $12.99

First of all, some brands may be less expensive, but you will usually find that the material is of lesser quality and the stitching is not as detailed and secure as some of their designer counterparts. When you are putting your designer men’s underwear, undershirts, or sleepwear in the washer and drier, you want the items to come out exactly the way that they were put in. The last thing that you want is for the waistband, arm hole, or hem to unravel after only wearing a few times. With non-designer undergarments, you may be able to purchase more items for your money, but if they are “throw-away” after a few washes, then you are really spending more money than if you went for the more expensive designer brand.

emporio armani cotton boxer brief

One such designer brand that is known for its quality in men’s undergarments is Emporio Armani. The Armani Emporio briefs pictured here are made of a cotton/spandex blend in order to fit the body, a microfiber waistband that will not crumble like most elastic waistbands, and a two-ply contoured pouch to keep everything secured. This particular pair will cost you about $19-26 for one.

designer underwear and hirt

The second reason that designer men’s undergarments are a better option pertains to the fit of the clothing item. Whether it is a t-shirt, boxers, nightshirt, or pj’s, usually a designer will concentrate on the most flattering fit for the body. They tend to pay attention to the smaller details that are overlooked by the mass producers of garments.

So, even though you may be tempted to shop “cheap” when it comes to this type of clothing, you may want to go for quality to keep your cash out of the trash.

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