Men’s Trousers Advice: Keeping Warmer When the Temperature Dips

It used to be that the only thing that could keep your legs warm in winter was to put on your “Long Johns” under your pants. However, now, there are several choices when it comes to “winter trousers”. Each will help you to keep your body heat in, without looking like you belong on a ski slope.

One such winter pant is a “Craghopper Kiwi Lined Winter Trouser”. They are a walking/hiking pant that features a “Solar Dry” polyester/cotton material with a cozy brushed fleece lining. They also come with a reinforced rear and knee, and eight functional pockets. The Craghoppers can be found in several colors and retail for around $60- $85 at

If you are looking for more of a winter jean, then LL Bean has a whole selection of classic style jeans and khaki’s that are lined with a warm cotton flannel inside. Almost everyone has had the experience of being outside on a cold winter’s day in your jeans, only to feel the wind whip right through them like they were paper towel. For $54.95 at, you can have a pair of flannel lined jeans that will keep you toasty even on the.

However, if it is a dressier winter pant that you need, then wool is the way to go. Wool and cashmere, even in a lighter weave, is inherently warm. The fibers are able to trap the still air within them, keeping you much warmer than most other materials. Also, as an added bonus, they are more moisture and stain resistant than some other “Winter Trousers” too. Just don’t forget the moth repellant, otherwise yours nice wool trousers will look like more like Swiss cheese!

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