Men’s Skin Care Trend – Scrubs and Toners

The year 2012 was a banner year in skin care treatments for men, proving that men, too, can be just as vain as any women. No longer are men’s skin care products limited to shaving cream and aftershave lotions. Equal rights in the cosmetics department saw record sales in 2012.

Even in a poor economy, men are willing to pay whatever it takes in order to look good. The first half of 2012 saw an increase in men’s skin product sales jump by 6%. The NPD group states that 7 out of every 10 men purchase skin care treatment. Men are spending as much time in front of a mirror as any glamour girl.

What Products Were Purchased?

So, what male skin care treatments are men purchasing in such large quantities? The NPD Group again provides the answers. Men are going for facial scrubs, skin toners, skin moisturizers, hair removal products and anti-aging products. Men seem to no longer be grabbing soap or just plain water to clean their faces. They are concerned about their skin’s color and texture as well as cleanliness.

This isn’t the first time men have used makeup or skin care products in human history. Throughout the centuries, men have often used cosmetics or a special skin care regimen in order to make themselves look their best. Perhaps the best known (and creative!) made-up men are the Wodaabe tribe of Niger, who can put a Western supermodel to shame. Even today, actors would rather be caught naked than without makeup on the red carpet.

Poor Economy Driving Skin Care Sales?

Why are men buying skin care products in record numbers? One theory is that the rise in unemployment means that middle aged and older men are purposefully trying to look younger in order to appear like a better work candidate. It used to be that a few gray hairs and wrinkles meant experience and wisdom for men. Now it means that they are closer to retirement than other job candidates.

Employers want to get the most out of their employees. They are increasingly hiring younger people because they have many more years to go before retirement than older people. Older employees may also worry that their employers are looking to give them an early retirement package. Looking youthful gives the impression that the employee has many years of profitable work left in him before being sent out to pasture.

Looking Good, Feeling Good

Another theory as to why men are buying more cosmetics than ever before is for the same reason women do. Looking good makes men feel good. Taking care of their skin, removing unwanted body hair and covering up any age spots is a way to take charge of their appearance. Men may not be able to control as many aspects of their lives as they wish, but they can control how they look.

There has also been no other time in history when men can quietly get information about skin care. In previous generations, men may have been too embarrassed to seek information. Now it seems they cannot get enough of it.

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