Men’s Shirt Review – Dalvey Pink Checkered Shirt

Dalvey, the fairly new Scottish luxury brand, has impressed me before with their merchandise. I recently got my hands on another slim-fit shirt of theirs – let’s see how this pink collared faired.

This fun and simple pink checkered shirt, is by far one of the best shirts I’ve worn this year – and the reason isn’t because someone sent it to me. First, the seams are clearly single-needled and therefore are simple and inconspicuous, which is essential for a sophisticated collared in my opinion. Second, unlike so many other shirts that bare the description, this Dalvey is truly slim fit and form fitting. This is the second shirt I’ve reviewed from them and both times the shirt fit perfectly.

Third, I’ve been one to appreciate chest pockets lately but rather not have them look like they’ve been blatantly stitched on. Not the case here as, again, the seams are inconspicuous and the pattern of the pocket exactly matches the pattern underneath. Very nice. Another detail I’m sensitive to these days is shirt buttons. Fortunately, ones used in this shirt are solid and, while plastic, clearly can stand up to wear and won’t crack easily.

Finally, despite the checkers, I just know this shirt will work really well with a solid silk tie. Better yet, I bet you could rock this piece with a jeweled chain, a shiny wristwatch, both black and brown belts – this is to say it lends itself to a variety of accessories. I can’t recommend this shirt enough, so see if you can find it at Dalvey’s online shop.

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