Men’s Jeans – 4 things to look out for when buying

Men, unlike women, are not renowned for their shopping habits. Truth be told, your typical man will only buy a scant amount of clothing per year. It is therefore important that these items are classic pieces that describe his sense of style. The masculine wardrobe does not hold many articles of clothing. Most men will make do with a few suits, 2-3 pairs of shoes, and a few shirts. The king in the male wardrobe is a pair of jeans. Every man owns a pair of jeans. Below we discuss what to look out for when buying men’s jeans.

The Fit

The first thing you need to look out for is the fit. You need to ensure that the seller understands what kind of fit you want. Most men will go with a straight fit. Today, slim-fit jeans are in style but can’t be worn by every body type! Make sure that the seller understands your size and style but if in doubt, stick with a safe option such as a straight leg or relaxed fit.

Formal or Casual Use

The second thing you need to consider is the occasion. When buying jeans for weekend wear, you can go with bold designs, such as heavily stained jeans. If you intend to wear you pair of jeans to work, they should be more conservative. A classic, slightly faded pair of blue denim will do the trick. Make sure that your jeans go with the other clothes you are wearing for a good look. When going out to the lounge, your pair of jeans should fit with boots, sneakers or boat shoes. You can throw a t-shirt and a bomber jacket on to complete the look. For a more formal occasion, your jeans should go with leather shoes, a slim fit polo or oxford shirt. You can put on a formal leather jacket with this look. For men who want to have an edge, a well-tied scarf will bring you compliments and a sophisticated look.


The third thing you need to look out for is the price. While jeans do not come cheap, it never hurts anyone to save a penny or two. As most men know, shopping online is cheaper than conventional shopping. Online stores like JD Sports tend to offer better prices. Once in a while, the online stores run sales and competitions-such as the one currently running on JD Sports- where one can get items at discounts or for free for competition winners.


The fourth thing you must look out for is the trend. You do not want to be seen in last year’s fashion. A fashionable man knows his trends. When in doubt, online resources are a good place to gain clarity but remember to only shop for what suits you, just because it’s in style, doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on you.

These are but a few considerations on what to look out for when buying men’s jeans. The most important thing is comfort. If you do not feel comfortable in your jeans, people will notice. See the range of men’s jeans available at

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