Men’s Footwear Trends – Custom Shoes and Boots

As the custom tailored, or Bespoke, suit was discussed in an earlier article, there are also shoemakers still out there that will make you a custom shoe. How many of us have bought a pair of expensive shoes, only to find out that after they were worn for longer than the brief “try-on” period, they kill your feet. With a shoe that is customized to the shape and size of your foot, that won’t be happening.

One such shoemaker is a man named Grisha. He is the creative genius behind “Grisha’s Custom Shoes Los Angeles.” His craft developed at the age of seven and he has been a custom shoemaker for the last fifty years. Grisha’s client list is impressive with such celebrities as Shaquile O’Neal, Rod Stewart, Sylvester Stallone, and many more well-known men and women. He not only offers a customized fit, but also choices in the selection of leathers like calfskin, crocodile, ostrich, and lizard.

Surprisingly, as a searched the Web, I found more custom shoemakers than I thought that I would find across the US. There are even some home measuring kits available through some custom shoemakers like E. Vogel New York, which makes getting a custom pair of shoes or boots even easier, especially for walking boots for men.

It’s nice to know that the art of craftsmanship in shoemaking, which has been around as early as 700B.C. with the development of sandals and moccasins made of hides and vines, is still carried on today in the form of custom shoes and not totally lost to mass production. So, if a custom style and fit in a shoe sound good to you, then check out some of the master shoemakers.

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