Men’s Fashion Trends: Wacky Runway Inspirations by Well-known Designers

When it comes to fashion designer runway shows, sometimes it is all about the “unusual”. We know that designers like to have looks that are uniquely their own inspiration – who doesn’t want to do something a little more original than just another men’s t-shirt? – but some runway fashions just leave you at a loss for words.


One such example is from the Versace Collection for the Milan Fashion Week 2013. I don’t think that I have ever seen a black lace, thigh –length man’s jumpsuit with a velvet-like collar, placket, and cod piece! I am guessing that Versace’s sleek black leather blazer and equestrian style black leather boots are supposed to be the focus, but the lace jumpsuit certainly diverts your attention.


Next, is a look that comes from the New York Fall Fashion Week 2013 and is by Libertine. It takes the trends of bright colors and mixing patterns to an extreme. The orange color of the sweater and scarf is a big Fall trend this year and this particular one incorporates silhouette-type figures in grey. If that combination was not busy enough, the addition of the black and grey tie-die pants just push it over the edge. This look is just too much contrast and stimulation for me.

London Collections- Men-1523405 2013

Lastly, is a runway look from the 2013 London Fall Fashion Week. This one just leaves me speechless. The multi-directional, tonal beige striping of the elastic-bottom trousers and the matching shirt kind of have a prison jumpsuit feel about them, but then the straight-jacket style top and the nailed board for a headdress just leave me with one thought, “What the hell is the point here?” If this designer was looking for a reaction of jaw-dropping amazement, the he was successful in attaining that goal!

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