Men’s Fashion Trends – Trouser Trends For Fall 2012

As I was browsing through the photos for men’s fashion trends for 2012, I noticed a recurrent theme of shrinking pant lengths. Everywhere I looked, I saw men in trousers that didn’t reach the top of their shoes. I guess 2012 is the year of the “high-waters”.

First off is a look by Vivienne Westwood. Her woven grey/blue trousers have a high waist, side seam pockets, a straight leg, and a hemline well above the anklebone. This vintage looking pant is offset with a color-blocked beige and chocolate turtleneck, a distressed brown leather jacket, and brown leather oxfords. She does remember to follow the old rule that your socks should match your pants, which is much more important since they are so much more visible at this length.

The second look takes a suit to another place. The grey jacket is nicely fitted with a button-down shirt and long knitted teal scarf. These particular trousers are ankle-length with a slim leg and are cropped to show off the stripe patterned socks and leather lace-ups. If this suited look wasn’t different enough, the slouchy knit cap just throws me off.

Next, Alexander McQueen has a pair of pants that I haven’t seen since the Declaration of Independence was written! The cream colored trousers are in a slim-fitting style that is tailored to end at the calf and detailed at the hem with buckles. From the waist down, you would that he is from another era. The button-down shirt, tie, and vest give it a more formal look, while the plush fur coat gives it a new twist.

I guess time will tell if this new pant length takes off, but even if I’m not such a fan of “high-waters”, I bet that the sock manufacturers are!

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