Men’s Fashion Trends – The fashionable vs. fashion-less at the 2012 MTV Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards is an award that is presented to the best music videos on the cable channel MTV. The event has the ability to draw the attention of the younger set, so sometimes it is called the “Oscars of the Youth”. In the winner’s category, such musical stars as The Cars, Van Halen, Christina Aguilera, Jay-Z, and Rihanna have walked away with the coveted award for “Video of the Year.” Along with some memorable moments like when Taylor Swift’s acceptance was rudely interrupted by Kanye West, there have been some fashion “yays and nays” over the years.

The first one for 2012 to discuss is Colton Haynes. His outfit for the MTV Awards incorporated more than one current trend. Colton’s suit is nicely tailored, slim-leg, and made of medium grey fabric that has a textured weave. He offsets the grey with a rich, mallard blue button-down and keeps it tie-less for a slightly more casual look. Then, Colton’s shoes are brought straight into 2012-2013 with the silver-tone studs covering the entire outside of each shoe. Embellishment is hot this year, even in “unexpected” places.

The absolute worst outfit that I saw on the Red Carpet belonged to Ezra Miller. His chocolate brown suit, with the beige chain-like design across the lapels, down the arms, and from one leg to the other was definitely more of a distraction than an attraction. Somehow, it made him look like he was wearing his trousers backwards. Seriously man, half of this stuff looks like it could have really used help from using high grade retail store supplies, like a steamer to loosen the pants, a hanger and garment bag for proper handling of the already yucky suit jacket, etc. The multi-colored blue shirt and large gold jacket closures didn’t help either. Ezra was partnered with Emma Watson in this Red Carpet photo, who is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion, but I’m not so sure about this outfit. I think that she may have asked Ezra for his advice on this one!

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