Thank God 90s Men’s Fashion Is Waaay Gone

The ‘90s were a magical decade.They brought us the best era rap music has ever seen – and in my opinion will ever see. They were the days when guys could turn on the TV and idolize greats like Michael Jordan and Roberto Baggio. Mobile phones evolved from Zack-Morris-bulky to the tiny Nokias you could play snake on at the back of class.


But, there were some failures as well. The dot-com bubble crippled many.An American president will forever be remembered for his cigar-wielding antics instead of his accomplishments. And of course, men’s fashion was at an all time appalling low – it only took flicking on the TV to see the Fresh Prince in all his neon, ill-fitting glory.

No, the nineties weren’t the only decade that had its inhabitants shaking their heads at photos twenty years later. I’ve seen those pictures from the sixties and seventies of my dad, and the  “what were we thinking?” scoff of nostalgia he gives them. But I still stand by my belief that the ‘90s really were the crème de la crap.

Let me explain: I believe men’s fashion started to go to hell in the mid-sixties. A well-fitted shirt with a pair of slacks was no longer a menswear uniform – men had choices! Silhouettes let really loose through the seventies while loud prints and horrible polyester blends were terrorizing department stores. Tailoring was a thing of the past. By the time the eighties were coming to a close those choices were at a cacophonicdisgrace of mayhem that included men in short shorts, tank tops and pleated pants.


In my eyes, the nineties truly were male-fashion-rock-bottom. The styles lacked class. They lacked shape and design.Luckily, when you hit rock bottom, there is no way to go but up; what a relief it is that men are starting to shape up, trim in and show off the male form.

No basic style shows this more than the blue jean. No longer the baggy ‘90sdroopy-drawers, men’s jeans have taken a turn for the better. It may have taken an awkward growth spurt through the early millennium, but we have finally arrived to a cut of jeans that actually emphasize what men were so graciously gifted with, while still maintaining their masculinity. The slim fit jean is basically a God-send for men: it adds height and subtracts weight, it accentuates a well-earned posterior and bridges the gap between cocktails on Friday and coffee on Sunday.

This is no longer the era of boxer-yielding skateboard jeans – men actually look like men again.

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