Men’s Fashion Trends – Say “Yes” to Stripes

Looking forward to the Spring and Summer of 2014, in fashion trends it is evident that stripes play an important part in both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories this year. In menswear, sometimes the incorporation of patterns is a trickier task than it is in women’s clothing. Certain menswear designers have taken a bolder approach, while others have incorporated the “stripe” trend in a more demure manner.


The first bold menswear outfit using a striped pattern is from Givenchy. The grey, black, and white stripes of the shirt are broken up with a graphic printed bib. The matching graphic shorts draw attention to his multi-colored striped leggings and black leather wedge sandals. Frankly, it’s not an overall look that that I can see flying off the shelves.


Next, are two looks that were put together by designer Billy Reid. Both of the looks are definitely more wearable than the first. The first of the two outfits revolves around a comfy looking pair of taupe and brown striped “pajama” style drawstring pants. The muted tones of the stripes combine well with the light blue, button-down and overcoat with woven, heathered striping in tan and a grey/blue.

Fashion-Week-spring-summer-2014-Billy-Reid-309_093430 brown pants and short sleeve

The second look by Billy Reid is also using a striped bottom in browns, but they are tailored more like a dress pant with a higher waist and tapered legs. The designer keeps this look more tonal in fashion with a darker chocolate, short-sleeve button-down.


Another way to infuse some freshness into your Spring/Summer 2014 wardrobe is with this navy, blue, and white striped sports jacket, which is on the bolder side, but can be toned down with your selection of shirt and pants. A darker choice from this lighter shirt and white trousers will make it stand out less. Of course, this vivid blue and white micro-striped dress shirt like this one with white French cuffs and collar, is an item that can be pulled off by most guys.

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