Men’s Fashion Trends – Men’s Western Boots

While I was out at dinner over the weekend, there happen to be a Blue Grass Band for the entertainment that evening. I spotted a guy who has an elegant country appeal. He was wearing a crisp white button-down shirt, a pair of nicely tailored jeans, a leather western belt buckle, and a pair of killer two-tone tan and brown boots, with crocodile embossing across the feet and a gold-tone hardware strip along the stacked heel, as well as the toe point. The overall look was very simple, but the western boots made the whole look outstanding.

Cowboy boots started out to be made in cowhide, but in recent years have also been made in exotic materials like snake, lizard, eel, alligator, and ostrich skin. There are two basic styles: The “Western” boot has the higher shaft with the boot straps that extend to the upper calves and the “Roper” boot comes in a shorter length with a smaller, squared-off heel.

One boot that is in a traditional western style is the “Lucchese Classic Men’s Western Boot.” It comes in a great two-tone brown leather, has crocodile embossing across the foot of the boot, as well as the tone-on-tone embossing on the boot shaft. The cost of $836 is a little pricey, but these boots will last and last. Even as they age and the heel and sole is worn, since they are all leather, you can have them resoled.

The “Men’s Durango Brown Harness Western Boot” is an example of what they call a ‘Roper” boot. The shaft is above the ankle, but much lower than the western style. This particular one has the harness across the ankle and a more squared –off toe for a different look.

If you are looking for a more understated western style boot, then this ankle boot has the great same look in sleek black leather with a smaller harness, but in a lower side-zip style. Worn with a pair of jeans or dress pants, this style of boot will feel more like a shoe.

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