Men’s Fashion Trends – Fashionable Shoes for Fall 2012

One trend that always seems to be “in” is camouflage. This year, not only can it be found in clothing, but now it has been spotted in men’s shoes. Jimmy Choo has a cool looking loafer style shoe that combines green, brown, and black in a camouflage pattern. Now, you can keep your clothing colors neutral and pop a pattern with an unexpected colored shoe.

For Fall 2012-Winter 2013, Jimmy Choo also makes a high-top chocolate brown leather sneaker that is the perfect transition shoe from Fall to Winter with the higher shaft at the ankle to keep the chill and precipitation out. Just don’t forget to treat them with a leather protector or your investment will not stay good-looking for very long.

If you are interested in fashion, as well as being “earthy conscious”, then Timberland makes a great looking lace up boot that has a 30% recycled rubber outsole and a 70% recycled material lining. Stay warm and dry while doing your part to “recycle and reuse”!

While I was looking at men’s shoes for the coming Fall and Winter, I noticed that Prada had an interesting twist on vintage shoe accessory:

In almost every old show or movie I can remember seeing men in suits that were going to the office on a rainy day and they reached for their “rain rubbers”, slipping them over their dress shoes. The rubber “Totes” kept their dress shoes clean and dry by keeping the weather out. Prada managed to combine a lace-up oxford with an outer piece that looks exactly one, so either it is part of a new style of shoe, or they are bringing the original “Rubbers” look back!

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