Men’s Fashion Trends – Eye Catching Fabrics for Spring 2013

Believe it or not gents, clothing fabric is an important consideration in life, not just the upholstery fabric of your car or what comprises your furniture. While browsing through the men’s runway styles for Spring 2013, I saw the return of a lot of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen. Even though materials like acrylic and polyester have come a long way from when they were introduced in their original form, the natural fiber materials still seem to always be at the forefront of fashion. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen have the ability to “breathe”, unlike their man made polyester and acrylic counterparts.

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For example, in men’s pants for Spring and Summer 2013, Giorgio Armani pairs a lightweight cotton white trouser with a patterned oxford and a grey geometric pattern shirt for stylish, easy dressing. Next, Ralph Lauren uses natural fibers to create a more structured roll-cuff ivory trouser that is combined with a textured tan sports coat and brown leather lace-ups. In the third photo, Costume National has put together a relaxed grey linen pant with a printed top, matching jacket, and leather sandals. This example is one of my favorites so far – the shininess is achieved without using often problematic sheer, which really should be kept among the other popular drapery fabrics. The fourth look is created in the luxury of Shantung silk by Louis Vuitton that is made casual by rolling up the pant cuffs and pairing it with a matching button down shirt. The last trouser by Gucci pays homage to the trends of patterns and bright colors, also in an easy-flowing silk fabric. However, this style may be a little too loud and trendy for some guys.


Another fabric that caught my attention and I’m not really sure it is in a good way, is the Tarantella Collection 2013 from Dolce & Gabbana. The word “tarantella” actually means up-beat folk dance. In this particular pair of shorts, I am attracted to the earthy tones that are combined with pops of bright red and blue. However, the expressive characters that are strategically placed on either side of the fly-front bring your attention straight to that area. So, if you don’t mind people staring at your jewels, then this pair of shorts may work ok for you.

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