Men’s Fashion Trends – Award Ceremonies Garb

During this time of year, it seems that the television channels are consumed by award ceremonies. While people were still talking about the Golden Globes, who won and what they were wearing, the SAG Awards crept up on us. The Screen Actors Guild Awards is a ceremony for actors whose performances are recognized by their peers. The nominees are selected from the members of the Screen Actors Guild.


While checking out the Red Carpet photos for the SAG Awards from this past weekend, there were a few outstanding performances in the men’s “fashion” category. One prime example is Bradley Cooper, who was caught “pre-awards”, but definitely had nothing to be embarrassed about. He was snapped before the ceremony in a royal blue top with a grey and black striped scarf and a double breasted grey overcoat. Bradley’s casual chic look is completed by a pair of tortoise rim glasses and a vintage-looking baseball cap.

13th Annual AFI Awards - Red Carpet

Another guy who is sporting some fashionable specs, along with his suit, on the Red Carpet for the SAG Awards is Tommy Lee Jones. Aviators can go from dawn to dusk and can be just as appropriate with a pair of Bermuda Shorts, as a three piece suit. However, the glasses are all that I like about what Tommy Lee Jones is wearing. The grey pinstripe suit and navy blue tie are just a little bit on the dull side.


Last, but certainly not least, is Hugh Jackman. He was at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for being nominated for Best Actor in Les Miserables. In this particular photo, he takes the stuffiness out of a formal look by adding the casual flair of an open neckline. Of course, in Hugh Jackman’s case, I don’t think I have ever seen him look bad, which is a quality that can be admired or hated. It just depends on your point of view.

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