Men’s Fashion Trends – A 2012 Round-Up

Christmas is on its way and 2012 is drawing to a close so I thought we would look at some of trends we have seen this year and what the celebrities and movers and shakers of the fashion world have been up to!


UK Style Icon

The female fashion press has been dominated by one woman this year and that was Kate Middleton as she wowed crowds wherever she went with her mixture of high street fashion and top end designers.


Following his Tour de France and Olympic successes one man found himself sharing his style secrets with the nation and that was Bradley Wiggins. Last night Bradley was crowned the UK’s Sport Personality of the Year and the fashion press was quick to catch up with the winner and talk about his superb tailored style that combines classic mod lines with a high-end bespoke finish. You can find a great interview with Bradley Wiggins here in GQ magazine.

Wiggins has taught us that a sharp suit and elegant grooming is eye-catching and a classic look that will never go out of fashion.

The Unexpected Celebrity Accessory

We are used to celebrities appearing at events and interviews with an entourage in tow and the occasional dog in a bag but 2012 saw the rise of celebrities being spotted with electronic cigarettes. The Huffington Post suggested this was Don Draper 2.0 and while the days of chain smoking Luckies and knocking back whiskies before lunch are over the electronic cigarette has offered an alternative. Celebrities are often trend drivers and it is interesting to see whether they will drive people towards these alternatives. There are plenty of brands now offering these products but these classy-looking premium SMOKO electronic cigarettes could be your new brand.

The Art of Grooming

Bradley Wiggins has his immaculate haircut and sideburns and we have seen a number of celebrities sporting facial hair that is not just a Movember disaster. If you are looking for moustache and beard inspiration there are a number of routes you can look to the groomed finesse of Andre 3000 or the rugged stubble look of George Clooney and Brad Pitt!

For perfect grooming I recommend investing in a good quality sharp razor, shaving cream and some soothing aftershave balm. Keep your blades sharp and look after your skin after shaving and your precision look will be awesome. Stubble is a popular look so you will want an electric razor to keep your stubble looking great and avoid it turning into a furry mess! 2013 is going to be all about precision grooming and we have plenty of celebrities leading the way and showing us what works and most importantly what doesn’t!

I think 2013 is going to be the year of the dapper gent; think sharp suits, elegant lines, discrete fragrances and high-end accessories such as leather iPad cases and bags. Style though is all about individual tastes – take inspiration but remember to make your look your own!

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