Men’s Fashion Trend – What to Look For in Fall Leather


One trend that is huge in both men’s and women’s fashion this Fall is leather. Whether you are talking about accessories, shoes, or jackets and coats, leather is one of the most sought-after materials in fashion. Aside from being very durable, warm, and resistant to wind, leather has the ability to last much longer than any other coat than you may have. Most jacket leathers are made from either cow or sheep skin. There are also several different types of leather used when making a men’s leather coat. Glove leather is described as a very soft and pliable leather, which is similar to the leather that gloves are made of, hence the name. Embossed leather has a pattern or image permanently stamped or pressed into the leather. Distressed leather is the process by which the leather is made to look old or “vintage”, even though it still may be perfectly new.

Let’s start off with a favorite of mine: This aniline leather jacket from, which features a snazzy knit rib trim and LOTS of pockets – I think I count seven in total! With all of its studs and tight wear, you definitely feel 10-times cooler when wearing the Angelo model. Do check it out.

One style of jacket that is right on target for this Fall is the slim leather coat. This particular pair of jackets has the soft texture that makes leather appealing, plus the great details of buttoned shoulder cut-outs, epaulets, and a detailed buckle stand collar. The slim style fits close to the body and zippers securely all the way to the neck.

The embossed jacket has a geometric pattern of different sized squares, along with a smaller stippled pattern. This detail gives it a modern appeal , as well as the plaid lining and zippered collar, pockets, and front closure.

So, whether your jacket style is a slim-fitting glove leather, distressed military, embossed, or any other style of leather, you can be assured that it is an investment piece of outerwear that is right on trend for this Fall and many more to come.

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