Men’s Fashion Trend: The best and worst dressed guests from the Tonight Show

While I was watching the Tonight Show one evening, I happen to see the Irish actor Colin Farrell take a seat next to Jay Leno. The 36 year old Farrell has been in many TV shows and movies since 1998, most recently the comedy “Horrible Bosses” and “Total Recall”. What caught my attention was his overall look. Colin Farrell’s closely trimmed beard and moustache, along with his spikey dark hair and double hoop earrings made him look modern, instead of scruffy. He had on a light grey button-down shirt that showed his shape, without being too tight. Colin had the cuffs turned back to highlight the leather bracelets on both wrists and his silver-tone Claddagh pinky ring. He kept the rest of his look monochromatic with his dark slim-fit jeans and black cowboy boots.

Colin Farrell had taken basic clothing pieces and used a great fit, along with the right accessories to look casual, but still pulled together. I’d wager he would even benefit from including something a little sportier – an Accurist for men from could be the ticket!

Now, on the total opposite end of the spectrum was another Jay Leno guest, Russell Brand. Even though he has had a colorful career as an English comedian, actor, singer, and writer he has been passed over when it comes to the “tasteful fashion” department. In total contrast to Colin Farrell’s look, Russell Brand’s is definitely more “comedic”. As a guest on The Tonight Show, he was sporting a bouffant hairdo that looked like he had not run a comb through it in a long time. The black sports jacket that he was wearing would have worked much better if it weren’t for his shirt being open to his navel with tufts of black hair poking out like an unmanicured lawn.

Russell also takes the “skinny jean” much too seriously because the ones that I have seen him wearing show much more than a doctor’s exam even would. I have seen photos of Brand suited up for Premiers and The Red Carpet, but even then, he still seems to miss the mark. If he is going for “unique”, then he has definitely made the right choices.

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