Men’s Fashion Trend: Looking for Boring Golf Shoes? You Won’t Find Them Here!

I knew that there were many different kinds of men’s golf shoes out there, but I never realized how right on trend some of them are. A prime example is the collection that I spotted, made by Prada. They take the trend of bold colors seriously in the pair of yellow, white, and baby blue leather golf shoe with the overlying fringe. It’s kind of a preppy look that you could see with a coordinating plaid pant or shirt. Then, Prada takes the golf shoe to the next level by adding gold-tone and gemstone colored studs. It would be a little “bling” to spice up your solid colored polo or trousers.

The next golf shoe that plays right into the always popular animal print is the “Joy Men’s FJ Icon Snake Print Golf Shoes”. They have a flange of white leather running from the heel, across the laces, down to the tip of the shoe and the sides have a panel of great looking python print. I would even consider wearing them off the green, if you needed a great looking shoe in a pinch.

The third style that caught my eye, when it came to unique men’s golf shoes, was a pair by Spectator. They are reminiscent of the vintage wing-tip shoes and are a classic, handmade leather golf shoe that incorporates fine craftsmanship with a color blocking effect from the chestnut brown leather contrasted by waves of white.

So, whether your golf style leans more towards preppy plaid, rock-star bling, wild animal, or classic vintage, there is a 2012 golf shoe out there for you. Why wear something ordinary, when it could be extraordinary!

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