Men’s Fashion Trend: BUILT laptop sleeves & bags for men

Gents, if you’re looking for a laptop bag or sleeve that’s got a style that will stand out from the office crowd then you should definitely check out the awesome range from BUILT. They are a New York company and their products are perfect for young business men in the city who want more than an everyday laptop bag.

The BUILT City Collection

These bags and cases are perfect for those working in the Big Apple and who are looking for a stylish but restrained design.  I love the slim and lightweight design of both the BUILT laptop sleeves and bags) from the City Collection.  The sleeves are elegant in black, but I think I am definitely swaying towards the white laptop sleeve! Maybe I’m just a little “showy” but I think I would kick some serious fashion ass in the office with this accessory!

Neoprene Sleeves, Envelopes & Messenger Bags

BUILT are definitely not a “one trick pony”, and so if the City Collection is not for your taste then you NEED to check out some of the products from the funky end of their product spectrum!

I think we can safely say that the MacBook is one of THE most stylish laptops we’ve ever seen, and in my office they are revered and carefully placed onto tables at meetings!  If you feel the same way then you’re not going to want to keep it in a boring sleeve that “any old netbook” would reside in!!! For the MacBook user, BUILT has a range of neoprene sleeves for the 13” and 15” MacBook Pro… so don’t just show off with your laptop make them jealous with your laptop sleeve too!

If you think the laptop was “so last century” and are now an iPad convert then the range of neoprene sleeves, envelopes and bags for iPads are just what you need. The BUILT neoprene envelopes are great for those who transport their iPad around in another bag such as a rucksack. The lightweight and slim envelope provides great protection from scratches and looks so much cooler than those staid hard cases.

The cross-body bags are ideal for those with a commute to the office; the neoprene body provides protection for an iPad as well as providing room for keys, papers and other essentials.

The brand is really worth checking out, they even do lunch bags… you could be the most stylish chap in the office thanks to BUILT.

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