Men’s Fashion Trend: A Year of Diversity in Men’s Swimwear

As I was browsing the men’s designer swimwear for 2012, I noticed that this year in particular it seems to come in all shapes, patterns, and colors. The board short is closer to the knees in length, with an elastic waist and a cross-over tie waistband. The vintage style men’s swimwear is closer to the boxer length, sporting an elastic drawstring waist with side seam pockets. The boy short style of swimwear has the waistband in the same range as the other styles do, but the leg length is cropped closer to the upper thighs and with a more fitted look, I think that this style is a little more wearable that the bikini style of men’s swimwear. The bikini style of swim suit is cut much skimpier than all the rest and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. If you are not comfortable with the “Here I am!” look, then this last style is definitely not for you.

One of the interesting styles that I found was a “Paper Print Pattern” by John Galliano. For $171, it is made from the unique pattern of newspaper print. It comes in the traditional black and white, as well as colored fabric with an elastic waist and two seam pockets. The downside is that you may be bothered by people reading your cheeks.

Another spot on trend in men’s swimwear for 2012 is by Dolce and Gabbana. It is a bold floral with one of the important colors of the season, which is coral. The cut is slightly shorter and the floral pattern is off-set by the color-blocking of the white waistband and trim. The 100% polyamide fabric makes for fast drying. At $338, it is a little pricey, but the quality is outstanding.

This year more than ever, it seems that no matter what your taste is in swimwear, you will be able to find a style, pattern, and color that suits you.

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