Men’s Fashion Spotlight: The McLaren Shop

Fans of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team can show their support for the Formula One team by purchasing merchandise from their official McLaren shop. The two drivers that make up this team, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, are a popular pair and the merchandise offered under their names is just as popular. The McLaren shop offers merchandise that makes up collection bearing the name of each driver: The Jenson Button Collection and the Lewis Hamilton Collection.

The Jenson Button collection features a wide range of merchandise specifically in support of one of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes drivers, Jenson Button. This merchandise includes specific items for men or women. Included are clothing items such as t-shirts and caps. Fans can also purchase a replica of Jenson Button’s helmet. This replica is half scale and is made of fiberglass. The Vodafone logo is prominently displayed in vinyl. The visor that comes on the helmet is tinted. The height of the helmet is almost 13 cm. Key chains are also found in the collection.

The other driver collection offered at the McLaren shop is the Lewis Hamilton collection. This collection offers some different merchandise than the Jenson Button collection. For instance, photo prints that are signed and framed are offered as part of the Lewis Hamilton Collection. These prints feature shots from four different races: Hungary 2007, Monaco 2007, US 2007 and Monaco 2008. These prints are sure to be collection’s items with their value increasing over time.

Also featured in the Lewis Hamilton collection is a replica of his helmet, using the same scale as the Jenson Button helmet. However, there is an additional option within the Lewis Hamilton collection. Shoppers may opt to purchase one that has been signed by Lewis Hamilton. Of course, the cost of the signed helmet is significantly more than just purchasing the helmet. Also there are other items such as f1 watches.

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