Men’s Fashion Spotlight – TAG Heuer

Much of what has made TAG Heuer one of the world’s leading Swiss watch brands, beyond its influence in sports timekeeping, is the visionary work of Jack Heuer, great-grandson to the company’s founder. Jack Heuer joined his family’s company in 1958 as an engineer, and by 1963 had designed one of the most iconic watch models now available – the TAG Carrera. Almost fifty years on from the original model’s unveiling, and in honour of Jack’s 80th birthday, the Carrera returns in a design that is at once thoroughly modern, and delightfully retro. Unfortunately, you won’t see this beauty at a men’s watch sale anytime soon…

The original Carrera is rightly regarded as one of modern TAG’s highlights, with new iterations of the model regularly featuring in the brand’s collections, fitted with the latest automatic movements. These watches for gentlemen always retain the same basic dial type – oversized and easy to read. However, with more recent models favouring the stylistics of sports chronographs, complete with conversion charts and exposed mechanics, the TAG Carrera Jack Heuer Limited Edition Watch eschews these bleeding-edge visuals in favour of a more restrained, vintage appeal.

Like the TAG Monaco 24 watch before it, the Jack Heuer actively revels in its 60s origins. This isn’t the only Carrera on the market to go for the heritage crowd, but where its partners focus on rather traditional yellow gold and brown leather straps, the Jack Heuer instead plays with a period palette of greys and reds, with the steel dial coming in sunray silver, finished with fine black indicator marks. At the centre, a vintage ‘Heuer’ logo features in bold post-box red, setting the tone for the rest of the watch.

The Jack Heuer keeps its chronograph functions somewhat understated, with the seconds and minute dials at the 3 and 9 positions blending in nicely with the face as whole. A sparing use of further red in the large second hand and at the tip of each dial’s hand completes this retro look – the model really is a great follow-up to the aesthetic achieved by the Monaco 24. Clean, vintage push buttons on the right of the watch break the simple symmetry of the model, whilst Jack’s own signature features on the case back, again in red.

Yet while the Jack Heuer may look like a period piece, the internal workings inside its 41mm belie a watch far more in line with modern technology. This automatic chronograph features the Calibre 17 movement, containing 37 ruby points for precise timekeeping. This watch, as well as being the perfect celebration of Jack Heuer’s defining work for TAG, functions perfectly as an accessory for this season’s renewed interest in a more ‘gentlemanly’ style.

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