Men’s Fashion Spotlight: Samuelsohn’s 2012 summer collection

Samuelsohn is a menswear designer based in Montreal Canada, who has taken the founder’s drive to produce the finest possible menswear and managed to maintain that commitment to quality for the last 89 years. They are well known in the industry for using the most luxurious fabrics like cashmere, Italian silk, Merino wool, and Supima cotton, creating ageless clothing with the exquisite detail of hand tailoring.

One of the collections by Samuelsohn that speaks to all of the above is the Gatsby Collection. The name brings to mind images of grandeur of The Great Gatsby, which was set in the Roaring 20’s. The suits were light in color and the fabrics were woven to create a formal, yet clean and crisp look. That same feeling is brought to life by Samuelsohn in the Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear Collections.

For example, this cream colored suit with matching vest is the epitome of a great summer suit. The fabric looks lighter than the traditional suit and the details of the fitted shoulders, medium width lapels, and slightly higher breast pocket keep it fresh.

The second suit, with the soft pastel plaid jacket, crisp ivory pants, and lavender sweater thrown over the shoulders also embodies the spirit of Summer. Who would want to keep wearing the darker colors and heavier fabrics, when you can look refreshed and modern like this?

Samuelsohn will not only provide you with the luxury fabrics that you desire, but also gives you the ability to have their craftmen hand cut and tailor each item specifically for you. You wouldn’t put on a heavy wool coat in the summer, so why reach for the same suit too?

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