Men’s Fashion Spotlight – Nixon Mens Fashion Watch

In your search for a new watch whether you want something as a fashion accessory or just a decent quality timepiece that also looks good on your wrist, chances are you may get a bit lost in the numerous brands and all of their many collections, well search no further as one place you should be looking is with Nixon.


For the last fifteen years since Nixon was set up in Encinitas, California; Nixon watches have enjoyed success in over 25 countries which is quite simply because of the premium quality and design people have come to expect from them. Nixon mens fashion watches are designed to cater to a number of tastes and styles as originally they were specifically created for the action sports markets like skating, snowboarding and surfing and now offer something for everyone from musicians to businessmen while still maintaining their core spirit.

White - Nixon Rotolog Watches

You can expect sublime design with Nixon fashion watches just take a look at the bestselling Nixon Rocker watch which merges a leather band design with a timepiece perfect for musicians, or the Nixon Private and Nixon Canon watches that merge a classic, expensive look with contemporary sleek designs. For something truly different the Nixon Newton watch has a dial that depicts two spheres ‘gravitationally locked’ instead of hands, or you can enjoy a more chic look with the Nixon Rotolog watches. They even make probably the best surfing watch available to buy in the Nixon Lodown watches which feature digital movements and an option to pre-programme tide charts for 200 beaches up to 15 years.

Aside from exceptional style you can enjoy with every set of clothes you have, Nixon men’s fashion watches are made with premier materials that give you reassurance with their durability like a hardened mineral glass window but also because they tend to be lightweight as well. Nixon watches are made with precision Swiss movement so you can rely on their timekeeping and most are water resistant up to 30 metres so if you get caught out in the rain you needn’t worry about a ruined watch. So if you want an all-round decent timepiece you can’t argue that a Nixon men’s fashion watch will do the job.

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