Men’s Fashion Spotlight – Levis Ace Cargo Shorts

Summer is here, and it’s so hard to find the perfect outfit that keeps us airy and cool even in the humid, heavy heat, while allowing us to hike and explore outside without showing immediate wear-and tear. In short, the perfect summer getup is elusive at best, making it nearly impossible to find a summer outfit, let alone a whole summer wardrobe.

Levi's Ace Cargo Shorts - Limestone

Spotlight on Levis Ace Cargo shorts, a trendy yet practical pair of shorts that are perfect for these summer months. Levi’s may be best known for their classic Levi’s New York denim, but that doesn’t stop them from producing these fabulously crafted 100% cotton twill shorts. Cotton is the perfect summer material because it is breathable. There is no synthetic material in these shorts, so there is nothing that will trap your sweat between the fabric and your skin. This means, as much as you sweat during these hot summer days, your clothes won’t stick to you and therefore won’t weigh you down. In fact, these cargo shorts will neutralize the temperature of your body, maintaining a perfect homeostasis that will keep you cool throughout the summer months.

Levi's Ace Cargo Shorts - Ivy Green

These cargo shorts are also incredibly useful. Have you ever waited for hours on a long roller coaster line only to get to the front and realize you were still holding your wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, amusement park map, and bunch of other things you didn’t even know you had? No need to worry! These comfortable cargo shorts come with a number of large cargo pockets, including a smartphone pocket in the right-hand corner of one of the pockets. And these pockets can be securely shut with a fastened flap so there’s no fear anything will fall out. So whether you’re riding Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure, hiking the Appalachian Trail, camping with family, rafting, or any number of other summer activities, you will never lose any of your belongings.

 Levi's Ace Cargo Shorts - Evening Blue

And don’t worry about getting bored of wearing the same pair of shorts (however fabulous these shorts are) the entire summer. These shorts come in a variety of colors including an elegant evening blue, an adventurous ivy, a casual timberwolf, and of course your versatile black, among others. And their super soft, relaxed fit design that falls right below the waist is sure to flatter any figure. So no matter your mood or your activity, these cargo shorts are sure to make you stand out as stylish and practical.

Pair these extraordinary shorts with a simple, white t-shirt or any one of Levi’s shirts to give you a more tailored yet comfortable look. For an evening outing, when the weather tends to cool down, try any denim shirt for men paired with a red wing belt that will perfectly complement these shorts. For footwear, try any basic sneaker for a sporty look or a simple and chic loafer to dress your outfit up a bit.

No matter the event, these cargo shorts are an essential summer wardrobe item that will help you stay active all day long.

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