Men’s Fashion Spotlight – LA 2013 Late Summer Style

While I happened to be out on the West Coast this week, I had the opportunity to check out men’s fashions in person, the so-called LA Style.

At Hermosa Beach, where we were staying, the dress was casual and sporty. The Strand, a walkway that runs alongside the beautiful Pacific Ocean, was home to guys dressed in cargo shorts with button down plaid shirts and slip on canvas shoes, to ones with board shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. Even when the beach clubs and restaurants were gearing up for the evening, the sign that I saw which said, “No shirt, no shoes, no problem!” exemplified the casualness of the coastal style. I bet you could get away with wearing underwear – a great “exposing” pair being SAUL Homme boxers – at some of the really “casual” places!

On our way back from visiting family in San Bernadino, we took a spin through Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards. The Hollywood Walk of Fame was sprinkled with tourists, hired characters, and a few unusual individuals. Our teens were particularly interested in a man who had his own fashion trend going on. Wearing your underwear on the outside of your shorts and standing on top of a trash can with a sign, even if the underwear was bought from Vocla, will surely get you noticed by either the fashion police or any Law upholding kind. Some of the other guys were a little more subtle, but still managed to stand out in the crowd.

From Hollywood, we moved on to the high fashion district of Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. It was a toss- up which was more beautiful: the mansions, boutiques, outdoor cafes, sports cars, or clientele. From shops owned by Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, and Stefano Ricci, people strolled the streets with bags full of uniquely tailored fashions and accessories. The boutique windows were “dressed to the nines” with the latest designs and the exquisitely trained staff were there to anticipate your every need.

“LA Style” was as both diverse and eclectic. There is something to be said for experiencing fashion first hand. It’s something that you feel, rather than just see.

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