Men’s Fashion Review – Ted Baker Mindblo Corduroy Shirt

Time again for a review of fine men’s clothing! This time, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Ted Baker Mindblo Corduroy Shirt. How does it fare?

ted baker red 3

To start, I won’t lie: I’ve been a Ted Baker shirts fan for quite a while. Additionally, I’m not the biggest corduroy fan. Fortunately, and perhaps no too unexpectedly, Ted Baker somehow managed to make a corduroy button down shirt that I LOVE. First, unlike with other corduroy shirts from the past, the Mindblo doesn’t feel heavy at all nor does it cling to my skin, even when wet. Part of this is due to how well the textile must havbe been handled but also because the top stitching is top-notch.

ted baker red 2

Next, the color stands out like whoa. This lush, dark red doesn’t come easy and so isn’t found widespread, which is just a shame given how awesome the shade is. Using burgundy as the primary color certainly adds to the versatility of the piece – I can imagine myself wearing this to work as business casual as well as under a dark gray suit for a cocktail party. Additionally, the interior paisley partials around the collar and the cuffs spells fun when exposed.

Ted Baker red collar

And, as always with Ted’s stuff, the details elevate the shirt even more. The buttons are sharp, the stitching impeccable, and minor threading an interesting light green. And though I will stick to dry cleaning, you could probably get away with washing this piece in cold water and never let yourself worry about too much shrinkage.

So, in summation, this Ted Baker collared is a chic, comfortable, and eye-catching piece definitely worthy of inclusion in your fall wardrobe. Wear it with a muted blazer, wear it alone, wear it to work – the Mindblo exemplifies versatility. Go buy yourself one at Mainline Menswear and check out a whole lot of other great Ted Baker merchandise!

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