Men’s Fashion Review: Plaid Shorts from Robert Graham – Not Your Father’s Plaid!

For the 2012 Spring/Summer season, Robert Graham has taken a vintage plaid pattern short in a totally different direction. You may recognize the navy window pane plaid with shades of blue from years past, but I’m sure that it did not have the bold floral waistband with the rich accent colors of red, teal, yellow and white. Robert Graham takes the two biggest trends in menswear this year, plaid patterns and colorful prints, and fuses them into one piece of men’s clothing.

The cut of the plaid short is pretty basic with a straight leg design and a good length that comes to just above the knee. The blue plaid pattern is nicely matched at the seams, which is indicative of quality workmanship. It also has the standard belt loops and button-flap back pockets, but the accent fabric is what really separates this plaid short from all the rest. From the back, it looks like you are wearing a Hawaiian-print men’s belt and the details of the floral print that Robert Graham placed on pocket trim and the back belt loop just add a pop of color in the right places to tie it all together.

Since there are two distinctly prominent patterns involved in this particular short, it needs to be paired with a solid top. The plain white mens t-shirt works just fine or you could wear a shirt that pulls out the other colors on the waistband like red or teal. You could also layer a colored t-shirt under a casual white button-down with this plaid short. For shoes, I think some solid colored canvas slip-ons would do the trick.

So, for around $150, you can get a 100% cotton pair of shorts from Robert Graham that combines two of the latest trends with a classic style, so even if the plaid is “Vintage”, you won’t be!

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