Men’s Fashion Review – One Star Billfold in Redrock


There’s a lot of cool, DIY/indie/whatsayyou-ism going on fashion-wise at the worldwide handmade shop site, Etsy. One Star Leather Goods is one such craft store on there, specializing in leather wallets, notebooks, belts, etc. Let’s see how their One Star Billfold in Redrock wallet fares in a close review.

This is an excellent wallet. As promised, it is clearly handmade and hand-stitched. Like most fine leather products, this wallet will only look better with age. I can easily see the dark reddish brown giving way to streaks and stretches of cherry red while the stitching will remain strong and intact.

As for the structure and interior, there is ample compartment space, varying from slits to a sizable center pocket. Notably, the leather of the fold itself is as thick as the rest, which happens less often than you think and can result in eventual deformity. Back to aesthetics, the pressed star on the outside and its complementary one on the inside adds a nice little detail to the item. And, let me tell you, I’ve gotten nothing but high praise from my friends for sporting it.

Check out One Star Leather Goods and see what other fine accessories they offer!

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