Men’s Fashion Review – Mantauk Hooded Shirt

More often than you think, there are pieces of clothing that bring up the question: “What were they thinking?” That is exactly what ran through my mind when I saw the Mantauk Hooded Shirt. I have been used to seeing men’s button down shirts with point collars or mandarin collars, but never one with a built-in hood – weird idea, Prolific 54.

The Mantauk Hooded Shirt comes in a dull blue cotton, has two pleated chest pockets, with wooden buttons down the placket and the shirt cuffs. The shirt itself is not very appealing, but the hood that cocoons your head and face makes it a fashion suicide. It looks like it stepped right out of an episode of “The Deadliest Catch.”

Most of the time, a hood that is attached to a jacket is to keep the elements out, but seriously, if you are standing out in a rain storm in your button-down Mantauk, you are going to get soaked even if you flip on the hood. It is hard to believe that they are actually charging $32.99 for this novelty because they might not get anyone to wear it, even if they pay them!

So, in my book, you should keep the button-down shirts separate from the hooded jackets. Each has its own purpose and never should the two be combined. There is no wavering about this one: Unless you want to attract attention for all the wrong reasons, take a pass on the Mantuak Hooded Shirt!

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