Men’s Fashion Review – Hugo Boss Bottled Night

A reworking of the previous Hugo Boss cologne, Hugo Boss Night, takes an entirely different direction in fragrance. It is a woody/earthy scent that has a mix of birch leaves, cardamom, louro amarelo wood, lavender, amaretto, African violet, and musk. The spicy combination with a slight floral allure is intended to convey a greater scene of masculinity and, perhaps, more provocativeness.

The men’s fragrance, which is packaged in a sleek dark blue bottle, has a great presentation and is available in an Eau De Toilette spray, shave balm, shower gel, and a deodorant stick or spray. Hugo Boss Night is listed with the other Hugo Boss products for $50-$65 for the spray cologne, though some less konwn purveyors may have some of the other products listed for sale at a lower price.

When tested, this fragrance opened with a sweet yet bitter note, which establishes a definitive but almost expected common male musk. That note stayed for a solid hour and then raised to something slightly more “comfortable” – I discovered a lot of jasmine in the wake. The middle note is certainly the “plateau” here in that it lasted for a solid four hours before giving way. Afterwards, there’s a clean, almost ablator smell for about two hours or so, which is respectable given all the activity (dancing, carousing, etc.) that undoubtedly follows the application. All of these notes enter and pass very subtly by the way, a tribute to the designed integration of notes.

Though not the most inventive eau de toilette, it has the makings of a staple redolent entry and will always pronounce rather than ever detract from a masculine man’s presence.

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