Men’s Fashion Review: Dress shirt from Virgilius Designer

Come winter, fall, sleet, swarm of locust, you are never in the wrong to keep a collared shirt within arm’s length. And while we naturally grow to trust familiar names and logos for all of our clothes, never forget that a little known designer can very well knock our proverbial socks off with a fresh take on the typical dress shirt. Virgilius Designer Apparel set up shop in Fort Lauderdale and sells men’s shirts on new online boutique marketplace site, Let’s take a closer look at this particular item.

First of all, like I’ve mentioned before, I’m all about purple these days so this particular shirt already rubs me the right way. That said, I don’t find it “fancy” enough to justify the inclusion of those french cuffs. There simply isn’t anything lavish about this shirt, which isn’t necessarily to its discredit overall. One way it could have been more ornate would be to use more unique buttons. As they stand now, they look like your typical plastic jobbies and therefore hardly inspire.

The 100% cotton shirt also needs better creative attention towards its cut and sizing. The rounded bottoms found on some shirts rarely sit right with me – I greatly prefer the straight hem approach. Furthermore, with this particular piece, the roundness is especially pronounced and therefore pretty disagreeable. at the other edge of the spectrum, the collar here looks small and terribly compact. Purple, even light purple, is a bold choice for a color and so I think a grander, more spacious collar is in order. I am happy, though, that the designer refrained from including a breast pocket.

Still, even with its shortcomings, this shirt easily serves for lots of occasions, such as a business casual cocktail party or a gala. Check out the shirt in’s men’s clothing section.

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