Men’s Fashion Review – Dalvey slim shirt

I’m looking to expand my wardrobe these days. For one, I could use another two blazers, one definitely navy. I also need more purple shirts. Dalvey was kind enough to send me this lavender slim button down to help my pet project along. Let’s see how it fares.
 The shirt is an excellent addition: It fits me like a glove. The collar is firm and the buttons fasten and open with ease. The standard barrel cuffs are nice and long (an approach seemingly in style these days) and the cotton stitching meets high expectations. The only malady to speak of is how, as you can see, the fabric near the button slits bunches up pretty quickly – nothing an iron can’t help.
 I really like this shade of pale lavender, perfect for fall or spring. I also enjoy the little aesthetic details added, like the contrasting grayish stitching making the button slits.
 Great stuff! Do go check them out: Dalvey for men’s clothes.

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  1. What kind of fit do you suggest for more thicker-around-the-middle guys? I am 6’2″, 285 but workout 4 to 5 days a week. Muscular but pudgy around the middle.