Men’s Fashion Profile: Diesel

Their innovative ad campaigns are some of the most recognisable on the planet so unsurprisingly, Italian denim company Diesel are still leading the way in urban clothing designs for trendy young fashion lovers. In spite of recent controversy when one of their adverts was banned for causing offense; showing a women lifting up her T-shirt in front of a security camera, Diesel never failed to capture the flippant humour or diluted anarchy of fashion’s contemporary rebel youth.

Propelled by project collaborations with alternative culture mag Dazed & Confused in 2009 as well as some impressive slogan print-commercials, Diesel’s clothing collection has defined this generation as a bunch of cheeky fashionista’s without a single boring bone in their body. This season’s expanding selection of cool, customary clothes and exclusive signature denim is no different, offering a range of slick cuts and styles for an array of garments made readily available on the high street.

Diesel is no stranger to provocation or clever cultivation when it comes to business – their success not only relies on the quality and chic styling’s of their products but the number of wacky commercials launched in the 1990s and a well-oiled PR machine to push  the brand’s individuality to heights of infamy. Diesel’s logistical operations also obtain a lot of coverage as they grow and expand to new markets.

So whilst Diesel Jeans stirs up a little trouble, their website is always worth a look for the latest items in the Black Gold collection as well as an updated line of shoes, eyewear and accessories to choose from for both men and women. Most popular are their jeans, which serve purpose using a highly evolved breed of denim, engineered to give optimum wearability and comfort in a range of styles and classic dye-washes.

This season Diesel are also encouraging you to ‘Be Stupid’ as their new campaigning manifesto, urging us to be brave, daring and creative.  “The stupid aren’t afraid to fail!” say Diesel, paying homage to founder Renzo Rosso, yet pioneering a clothing company that aren’t afraid to smash boundaries in the face of adversity seems to be the smartest thing he’s ever done.

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