Men’s Fashion News: Timo Weiland Spring 2012: Modern Vintage

There was one trend that was clearly visible at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York: The influence of vintage styling in both women’s and men’s clothing. Iconic and classic designs from the previous decades were infused in the collections of many designers this year. For the 2012 Spring collection, Timo Weiland was one of those designers. He used micro-patterns and the traditional baseball jacket in a new and fresh way.

In the first look, the model is wearing a navy patterned button-down shirt, which is paired with a great shade of green in a classic baseball jacket, detailed with blue and white cuffs, collar and waist band. The outfit is popped with a pair of crisp white pants that just scream “Spring”.

The second look that Timo Weiland uses the “All American” style of the baseball jacket in is with a timeless denim fabric, which is also trimmed in blue and white stripes at the waist, cuffs and collar. This time he pairs it with a trendy, medium yellow trouser. I can really can see both these looks being worn by average men with “above average” taste. Some runway styles are too unusual for real life, but both these would fit right in.

Timo Weiland also has a casual take on a suited look with this steel blue, pin-striped baggy pant that is shown with a rolled up hem and a cardigan style jacket. The black trim and sleeves on the jacket set it apart from the ordinary and bring in a “color blocking” effect. He sets off the outfit with a bright coral button-down shirt, which is the “unexpected” in the equation.

I can see where Timo Weiland’s fashions would be popular among young men, as well as those who are more mature. He manages to use the vintage classics that we all love, but adds a modern twist to keep it interesting.

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