Men’s Fashion News – The 64th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards in LA

The Prime Time Emmy Awards are presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, in order to recognize American prime time programming that airs between 6pm to 2am. As in every star-studded event, there are some fashion “favorites” and some fashion “failures”. One of the favorites of mine was Kat Denning’s photo partner Nick Zane. He went for a classic style with a great fitting navy suit, narrow lapels, flap pockets, and a simple one-button closure. Nick contrasted it nicely with a crisp white shirt and tonal stripe tie to keep it fresh. Also, the shades and modern haircut pull his look all together.

Jeremy Davies, from the television program “Justified”, won an Emmy for “Guest Actor in a Drama Series”. I love the character that he plays in the series, but not his suit selection. Double breasted jackets can look terrific, but this one is much too short for him. The colors of the jacket, vest, and tie all blend together, hiding any possible details. Jeremy’s trousers look like either they don’t belong to the suit or are really just a poor fit. His lace-up brown boots continue to take this bad outfit down the same road. However, Jeremy’s wild hair and scruffy face definitely are in keeping with his character on “Justified”.

A fashion “favorite” at the Prime Time Emmys was Jon Hamm. He gets an A+ for his classic look in a Giorgio Armani tux.

The tailored fit across the shoulders and tapered waist gave Jon the perfect definition for his build. The tuxedo was accented by medium width, notched lapels and a two-button closure. Finally, a simple black bowtie and white button-down shirt perfected the look. In this category, Jon Hamm wins “hands down”!

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  1. Jon Hamm is definitely handsome in his classic attire. But when it comes to men’s fashion, it’s hard to tell whom you should give the award since everything they wear looks similar. Unlike in womens fashion, ladies can be a lot more creative.