Men’s Fashion News – Fashion at the American Music Awards 2012

Even if you aren’t old enough to remember MC Hammer’s mega hit single “U Can’t Touch This” from the 1990’s, you probably have heard the term “MC Hammer Pants” somewhere along the way. While I was looking at the photos from the American Music Awards, I was surprised to find that the “Hammer Pants” are alive and well. Seriously, haven’t you heard about Penguin Jeans or Diesel or any of the other brands specializing in fashionable jeans and trousers?

However, this is the first time that I have ever seen the genie-like trousers adapted to formal wear. MC Hammer had a white jacket that was tipped in black and paired with his infamous pant style that was updated with a tuxedo-like racing stripe. MC’s photo buddy, PSY, also caught “Hammer fever” and paired his voluminous trousers with a sparkling black jacket and wing-tipped shoes. If this “crotch comfy” style of pant is for you, then you are lucky because they have them for sale on Ebay, even in the original gold lame fabric, as well as some other patterns. Yuck!

Another Rap/Hip-Hop guy that doesn’t mind standing out in the crowd is Tyga. He takes the term “monochromatic look” to a whole new level with his bright tangerine colored matching dress shirt, jacket, and pants. The cut of Tyga’s suit is nicely tailored and the range of orange is a few notches below neon. Even if you didn’t care for the color, you probably wouldn’t tell him.

One group that was at the American Music Awards, “The Wanted,” show in this group photo that there are many different interpretations of the words “formal wear” for 2012. One member has a basic black tux with an oversized black tie, two guys go for the classic cut of the double breasted suit with one that has a more casual open neckline and the other with a complete “button-up”, and the last two group members infuse color into their suits with their dress shirt and jacket. They show that you can still coordinate a look, without sacrificing individual style.

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