Men’s Fashion News: Dolce and Gabbana’s Denim, Plaid, Vintage Style Jackets for Fall

As I was looking at the menswear by Dolce and Gabbana for Fall, denim, plaid, and vintage looking jackets seem to be at the top of the list. Jeans have always been a fashion “go-to” in everyone’s closet, but today it plays a much larger part than ever before. The Dolce and Gabbana jeans for fall look like the old comfy bottoms that you would reach for day after day.

The denim colors range from lighter to the darker denim and detailed with a slightly lower waist, large patch front pockets or traditional style, and have been portrayed with the casualness of rolled pant hems. As it goes for accessorizing here, mens ties can work with this line of denim when its dark and if only the tie’s silk. Also, just as a personal preference, I’d stick to lighter colored ties with the skinny gold jeans shown above, like the ones I mentioned in “Men’s Fashion Advice: Ties for the spring.”

Also important, seems to be the plaid shirt and bomber style jackets. The plaid colors for this particular collection are a combination of muted and more vibrant buffalo plaid with the plaid size varying, but even with Dolce and Gabbana showing us several different plaid pieces mixed together, it still works well. The jackets are a little on the shorter side, which allows the layered shirt to show through.

Dolce and Gabbana’s fall menswear collection has also taken the baseball style and bomber jacket to another level with designer details. The bomber jacket comes has been seen in a combination of leather and knit, with sharp looking zippered details on the face of the jacket. As another casual piece of outerwear, the baseball- style jacket has emerged in unusual patterns, softer colors, plaid, and also can be seen with decorative zippered accents.

This particular collection manages to provide a look without geographical boundaries. You could easily imagine this man hailing a cab from Rockefeller Center, strolling out of a chic eatery on Sunset Boulevard, or hopping a ride in the back of a cherry red Ford pick-up down a country road. My overall impression for this style is, “Universally Casual”.


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  1. SwipeLife created an eeinrtsting post today on The New York Times: Dress Code PlaidHere’s a short outlinePants in a dark, muted plaid go well with a louder, brighter sport coat .