Men’s Fashion News: Celebrity Style Watch – Cooper and Cruise vs Butler

As I was browsing through some photos of high profile, usually fashionable guys, I came across pictures that were taken of Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise, and Gerard Butler. Having recently seen them on one Red Carpet or another, it was a change of pace to see them in more casual situations around town. With people snapping their picture all the time, it’s inevitable that they will be caught wearing something that’s not quite their best outfit, at some point in time. Those are usually the photos that make it to the “Rag Mags” for the public to see while they are standing in line at the grocery store.

First was Bradley Cooper. Someone snapped a picture of him while he was out shopping with his parents. He was wearing a pull over, blue knit shirt with ¾ sleeves, a pair of old-looking gym shorts, and a pair of taupe leather loafers. What’s up with that!He started out with a good idea that fell apart somewhere around his midsection. The shirt and shoes were a step in the right direction, but Bradley needed to trade those bottoms in for a pair of pleated, knee length white linen shorts or maybe some dark khaki cargo ones. Unless you are headed to work out, please leave those gym shorts at home!

The second, less that appealing outfit was spotted on Tom Cruise while he and his daughter Sari were taking in an afternoon at Disneyland. Stripes are back in this year, but the blue and white striped shirt that he choose, should go back where it came from!The shirt is very busy-looking with the narrowness of the dark blue stripes and too “matching” in color to his dark wash jeans. It needs to be replaced with a brighter color. The boxy fit also left no definition to his midsection. If it was done on purpose, so as not to bring attention to himself, then it was a good job.

Lastly, Gerard Butler was caught on camera while he was jumping out of his SUV in Hollywood. He was wearing a great pair of jeans, a white and blue striped button-down shirt with rolled sleeves, and a pair of tri-colored casual taupe lace-ups. He accessorized with a necklace and a pair of cool aviator sunglasses. Now, that’s how to get caught. Looking casually cool!

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  1. I didn’t have to read a word to know who won. Gerry’s always had a natural, easy sense of style. As my friend says, he can be filling up at the gas station and still look awesome.