Men’s Fashion News – Beckham, Labeouf Watch

As I was browsing through some photos of celebrities in their “everyday wear”, I came across some guys that were definitely at opposite ends of the spectrum. One had impeccable style and the other two, not so much. First up is David Beckham. Aside from his striking good looks, he manages to put clothes together that are casual, but still make him look like he just stepped off the cover of a magazine. In one photo, David is out with his two boys at a Lakers game. He has on a simple pair of jeans, a layered black and white plaid shirt, and has draped a black knit sweater over his shoulders for a great casual look. You can really tell that he put some thought into being seen in public.

David Beckham’s second look that was simple, yet tasteful was a photo of him in the midst of some charity work. Again, he was sporting a great fitting pair of jeans with a nicely tailored t-shirt and a black and white athletic shoe. It’s a casual look that you could see any guy wearing as he walked through Central Park, bike riding on Nantucket, or hitting Sunset Strip.

One of the guys that made the “not so fashionable” list was Shia Labeouf. He was seen out on the town with his date and he was wearing an outfit that would definitely be able to disguise him without getting a second look from anyone. His ordinary black pants were wrongly paired with a button-down shirt from the “petite” section of the clothing rack. It was much too short and flared out like a smock from art class in elementary school. Shia’s baseball cap and the scruffy beard definitely completed the look.

The second casualty was a photo of Robert Pattinson. With his knit hat and the black jacket with the “too short” sleeves, he looked like a long shore man who had just been out shopping at the thrift shop. The man could use a nice pair of French Connection jeans and a shave. In any case, he should definitely keep that outfit out of the daylight, vampire or not!

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  1. I adore Beckham’s watch, but I cannot seem to find one anywhere. I saw similar Jorg Gray (dont they make Obama’s watch?) watches on
    Parkes Kent, but I am not sure if I want to give up my search quite yet…