Men’s Fashion News – 2012 CMA Awards

If you have ever been to Nashville, you know that there is no lack of “Cowboy” fashion. Whether you are in the restaurants, nightclubs, or just walking along the street you will see plenty of the “casual cowboy”.

One event that brings the Country Style front and center is the CMA Awards. At this year’s 46th Annual Country Music Awards, the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville was filled with Country Music’s finest performers, current fashion trends, as well as Country Style.

First off is Singer Brad Paisley, who took the classic black and white combo, giving it a Nashville spin. His black dress shirt, tie, pants, and boots gave him the backdrop for the punch of pearl white in his jacket and hat. I’m kind of on the fence about this one. Even though the trend of black and white is always hot, for some reason Brad’s jacket gives me flash backs to Ricardo Montalban in the old T.V. show, “Fantasy Island”. That and the sunglasses, while already tacky on stage at an awards show, look like a weird cross between aviators and Oakleys. Ray Ban shades I would have forgiven, but not these…

Blake Shelton is sporting trend number two, as he discarded the trousers of his three-piece navy suit with window-pane vest and red tie, adding the blue jeans and cowboy boots that can go anywhere in today’s fashion world. However, I may have skipped the vest in order to make the look a little more cohesive.

Last, but not least by a stretch, is Clay Walker. He showed people at the CMA Awards that even cowboys can use a little “bling”. Clay jazzed up his black tuxedo jacket and ten-gallon hat with some rows of square, raised studs in a gun metal tone that lined the lapels. It is a subtle way to add some shimmer and texture without being too bright.

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