Men’s Fashion New York: Beware the Hipster

It can result in being a retroactive, even cardinal concern to dismiss an element or fashion strain altogether. But there are a few recent infatuations that one would now expect to greet their forlorn death knells. Perhaps these ‘fantasies’ are best suited to exist in the far reaches of our mind or the internet. But the cousin of those locales also happens to be New York City.

For any and all other nominal sectors of culture, we are still raping and pillaging the remaining pockets of 90’s revivalism. The kitsch spectacles are truly the antagonists of humanity. Eastern philosophies and aesthetics re-voguing themselves in a marginally more authentic stroke withhold tragic downsides. High-fashion monks and other spiritually indigenous pastisches (a la Hare Krishnas) are every so often lining C train platforms and more than enough Greenpoint showspaces. High fashion vanguards of the PDQ. Though their ponytails are two degrees from a Guitar Center lifer, you’d never see this kind of dropcrotch on a consigned mystic.

Beyond your obvious oogles and faux-bag people, the desperate attempts at queer/transfriendly acceptance are uncomfortable in their execution; to the spire of pushing their sympathizers in to begotten corners. Re-meshing mesh, skirted gentlemen, the shaved half a head. Do any legitimates buy this?

Unfortunately, criticisms of the aforementioned can launch one under a filename of ‘bigot’. It must be understood this is only for gaudiness in articulation, not the divine purity of its source.

By Dru G., New York Correspondent

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