Men’s Fashion Advice: Your Winter Running Wardrobe

The concept of “fashion” rarely comes to mind when going for a run during the warmer months. With mild temperatures and a hot sun at your disposal, you’ll likely need nothing more than a pair of shoes, some running shorts, and maybe a t-shirt. That’s it. The fashion of your attire will undoubtedly play little role in your dress.

But everything changes when the weather turns cold. During the winter, runs get more intense, skin needs to be covered, and male runners are suddenly faced with the prospect of buying gloves, hats, tights, jackets, and various other accessories — even winter shoes. We foremost care that these accessories are functional. But, of course, we’d prefer that they’d be both functional and capable of making us look good in the process.

Fortunately, searching for attractive winter running garb is far easier than finding, say, an appealing new watch or black tungsten rings for men. All it requires is an eye for quality, a commitment to warm materials, and some knowledge of the latest, ever-changing trends. What are these latest trends? Let’s take a quick look:

Hooded synthetic shirts. Runners have long worn synthetic shirts and hats to stay warm. The recent rage, however, combines these two items into one: the shirt with a hoodie attached. This clothing synthesis looks unconventional at first but will insure that your neck remains warm on the coldest of winter runs.

Wind-resistant tights. Running tights have gone in and out of style over the past couple decades, and all indicators suggest that they are currently on the upswing. A simple pair of form-fitting black tights will accentuate your legs and positively present your overall physique in a way that running pants cannot.

Reflective gloves. Reflective gloves are a great way to stay safe while running near traffic on a winter evening. Fortunately, their sleek metallic design also makes for a stylish look.

Thermal vests. Yes, believe it or not, the clothing item widely derided as a nerdy accessory has found wide favor in the running community. The thermals vests will give a “smart” and finely angular look to your running wardrobe. They also provide a synthetic filler that can insure an added degree of warmth.

Adding these items to your winter running wardrobe can insure that you remain stylish and presentable when you hit the roads and the trails over the next couple months. Most importantly, though, they will insure that you remain warm while you do so.

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