Men’s Fashion Advice – Winter/ Spring Hats

There are so many kinds of hats in the world – caps, bowlers, snap backs, sombreros… But when looking into “Winter-wear” for men, The North Face is a company that you have probably heard of before. One style of hat that is made by them, which has maintained its popularity throughout the years is the “Beanie”.

It is a close- fitting cap that is knit out of acrylic yarn and has an internal band of fleece that provides the extra warmth that you will need on those cold, windy days. The “Bones Beanie”, for example, comes in blue, green, pink, orange, purple, grey, and black.

Another hat that is “hot” in fashion this winter season is the “Trapper Hat”. It has been seen on both men and women alike. One great example is the “Woolrich Buffalo Check Trapper Hat”. It is made of polyester, wool, and 100% real fur. The fur lines the entire inside of the hat and the earflaps can secure under the chin, which will ensure that you head and ears stay toasty warm. It’s a great buy at $62 and if you would rather have faux fur or Sherpa lined Trapper Hats, you can find it at The Village Hat Shop too.

Jumping past Winter and looking forward to Spring 2013, there is a resurgence of “what is old is new again”. The Bowler Hat or Derby, as it is otherwise known, has a distinctive rounded crown and rolled rim that was a popular style among the working class in the Victorian Era. The Derby was a style that was worn by men in all social classes. It was even a style that was adopted by film stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy. So, keep your eye out for the Derby to make its debut on the Runway and magazines again this Spring, though I believe they are already available in some form at Snapback Hats.

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