Men’s Fashion Advice: What’s Your Type of Eyeglass Frame? has a question for you: what’s your type? Obviously, they’re referring to eyeglasses and your style! With winter looming, styles are about to change from warm to warmer! When your style changes, your eyeglass frames should, too! When was the last time you bought glasses? Did you consider your personal style before picking out your frames?

You should have.

Think about this little tidbit – we dress in a certain way while we’re at work and perhaps another way when we’re out on the town! Your style may be classically chic at the office with a cool pant suit but ff you’re working for dot-com, you may dig the geek-chic trend with a nerdy t-shirt and funky frames! Your style reflects who you are and who you want to portray to the world. Your eye glasses should be no different! This winter season, as you cleverly accessorize, think about your personal style when picking out new eyeglasses.

Thankfully, there’s a great designer brand that are perfect for this winter! iSee eyewear carries everything from classic-looking black plastic frames to retro-styled cat-eye prescription glasses. If you like a bit of luxury, opt for their frames that have decadent embellishments like rhinestones and metal etchings. These looks are hot for winter- even when you’re bundled up in the cold!

Right now, take advantage of the “Thankful” sale going on at! Take 20% off any iSee eyewear eyeglass frame and get free U.S. shipping with the code iSee20FS; or take 10% off when you order glasses or sunglasses with the code Blog10.

Whatever your eyeglass type is, carry it into winter with something a little more bold!

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