Men’s Fashion Advice: What to wear in the autumn rain

The fall brings lots of pretty colored foliage, but it also usually has its fair share of rain; this year’s been especially wet so far! Despite all the crummy weather, warm and cozy winterjackets aren’t the ticket just yet. There’s plenty of options to help brave the rainfall and not overbundle, as well as stay chic this time of year.

Fancy shoes and stylish sneakers tend to not be the most rain friendly choices for footwear. But fear not, because there is certainly a large supply of fashionable boots available to choose from. For instance, the pair of Lacoste shown above are well-made, water-resistant and nice looking to boot. Stick to rubber soles, not leather ones.

Another type of apparel to consider investing in for October through December is a hat. Sure, hats can often look silly or downright ugly, but if you stick to dark colors and a simple construction, you’ll be in the clear. Of course, if you’re already sold on the idea, you should buy caps online in order to get the bargain price.

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